Vainglory- Talents

Today we are going to talk about the new update of vainglory which has Talents, talents were created for brawl modes in Vainglory, like Blitz and Battle royale, the talents make the abilities of a character powerful, long lasting, longer range, but these also have negative effects for some characters, because it might be too powerful, […]

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Mobile Legends

Above is the logo of the game Mobile Legends is another MOBA played by many people, in this you don’t tap but there are buttons for in-game attacking and moving and special abilities. This game has 5 players in 1 team, so there are 10 players in total (2 teams, 1 allied team/1 enemy team), […]

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Vainglory-builds for characters and tips in game

Here are build for some characters in the game: Jungle: Taka: stormcrown, Shatterglass, Broken myth, defence, Aftershock/Alternating Current, Halcyon Chargers(boots) Lane: Vox(wp): breaking point, tyrants monacle(x2), Defence(x2), Halcyon Chargers     (cp): Alternating current, Broken myth, frostburn, defence, Halcyon chargers Lane: Saw(wp): serpents mask, sorrowblade, tyrants monacle, defence(x2), Journey boots(cp): Shatterglass, Eve of harvest, Broken […]

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VainGlory-Items and Kraken

Today i will be talking about items in the shop first we will talk about Weapon Power/WP. weapon power are the items that are colored in Red, these will help you do basic attack damage. Crystal Power/CP is the power of your abilities, it is colored blue. Defence is colored green, to defend yourself from […]

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